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School of Management Annual Fund 

Now is a particularly exciting time to be part of the School of Management and its mission to transform the practice of management around the world through applied, practical knowledge and help change the way society thinks, works and learns.

However, to continue our upward trajectory as a globally-renowned institution and a School of Management that attracts the world’s best faculty and brightest students, we must continue to invest.

Global competition is currently at its most intense, and the UK higher education funding environment is at its most uncertain. That’s why we need your support.

Gifts to the Annual Fund touch many lives and every pound donated makes a difference. Your gift can give us the flexibility to respond to changing needs and circumstances; collectively they make a significant, immediate and positive impact. Read about the impact the Annual fund has had on the experience for our students and researchers

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  • Will you help us create tomorrow's leaders in management and technology?
  • Will you help us tackle global challenges and create socially, environmentally, and economically sustainable innovation?
  • Will you help us create inspiring spaces, ensuring teaching facilities, digital learning facilities, research areas, libraries, and other facilities are of the highest quality?
  • Will you help us support entrepreneurs to implement new business ideas and grow their early-stage ventures?



National Flying Laboratory and Classroom

Cranfield has been at the forefront of aerospace technology for 70 years. Our education, research, and consultancy are enhanced by our world-class facilities such as the National Flying Laboratory and Classroom. The National Flying Laboratory and Classroom is a crucial, unique facility at Cranfield. It brings together experienced academics, technical specialists (including pilots and engineers) and four instrumented aircraft (two Jetstream 31s and two light aircraft) to allow the University to deliver experiential learning for aerospace engineers across the UK in the ‘Flying Lab’.

The ‘Flying Lab’ has played a significant role in the education of over 30,000 aerospace students from more than 20 universities, propelling them in their careers both in the UK and international aviation industry. It provides them with an immersive flight test engineer experience so what may start out as complex, dry mathematical formulae in a textbook is transformed through an inspiring and defining experience in the aircraft. The flight test data is used as a tool to teach students how to validate and question computational models of the aircraft - an important skill in an increasingly virtual world.

However, the time has come for a new aircraft that will enable us to continue to deliver world-class aerospace education and research, and we need your support. In early 2019 we launched a £3 million fundraising campaign to replace the current ‘Flying Lab’ with a larger, more efficient aircraft, a Saab 340B, that will allow us to fly more students and do more research. Thanks to the support of our alumni and friends, along with the various organisations and industry partners who have given generously, we are almost two-thirds of the way towards our initial £3 million target. 

The support of our alumni, partners, and friends is incredibly important for the future of the National Flying Laboratory and Classroom and we hope that you will consider supporting the campaign . By giving to the National Flying Laboratory and Classroom campaign you will help tomorrow’s aerospace leaders benefit from a unique education, and enable Cranfield to remain at the forefront of aerospace technology.


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