Cranfield Alumni Webinars provide alumni with the opportunity to engage with Cranfield’s activities and expertise through a range of interactive online sessions.

Here you will find links to our recent webinars. You can also catch up on our webinars from 2021, or watch additional recordings from earlier than this in our archive

28 June 2022: Listening to increase your impact! - Jane Adshead-Grant (Executive Retreat 2006)

Developing our listening skills not only saves time and money, but it enables others to feel valued as a human being.

And when we feel valued, we add value to ourselves, others and our families and organisations.

In this webinar you will:

Review how good a listener you are!
Discover 5 Levels of listening applicable in your everyday life 
Reflect on what stops you listening well and gain new insights


25 May 2022: Long Covid: Impact in the workplace. - Hilary Fitzgerald (MBA 2005)

This Made by Alumni session focuses on Long Covid:

What actually is it?
The impact on those suffering (how to spot them; and how to support them at work)
Who is most at risk of being affected? Ideas on how to help avoid the condition


26 April 2022: Is time to consider a four-day working week?Professor Emma Parry, David Stone and Perry Timms

Following the pandemic, the working world has changed tremendously and with this, the way some employees and employers think about life, work and what they want out of both.

With many countries already adopting this new way of work, is it time we all considered a shorter work week?

In this webinar the panel will discuss:

Real examples of how the four-day week has benefited their businesses.
The risks and things to consider before implementing a four-day week. 
The potential readiness of wider society for the four-day week.


31 March 2022: Part time working after the pandemicProfessor Clare Kelliher, Dr Charlotte Gascoigne and Pierre Walthery

Flexible working became a hot topic for employers during the Covid-19 pandemic and there has been widespread discussion about the increasing importance of work-life balance.

This Cranfield research project has explored what employers have learnt from their experiences during the pandemic and in particular the practical strategies they have used to deliver their business when employees were working part-time.

In this webinar you will learn:

What has led line managers to change their minds about the feasibility of part-time working.
How managers have dealt with gaps in service from part time working 
Strategies for managing workload with available resources


24 March 2022: Social impact in action: the case of social procurement movement. - Dr Leila Alinaghian

Social procurement is when corporates use their buying power to generate social value above and beyond the value of the goods and services being procured.

This sustainable value creation makes businesses accountable for generating economic value without harm to society and the environment.

In this webinar you will learn:

The crucial role that corporate-buyers play in progressing the social procurement movemement.
Best practices, challenges and opportunities across different stages of social procurement. 
How social procurement can develop from the current picture to increase impact in the future.


24 February 2022: Making the most of your Alumni Library - Rachel Daniels, Research Support Manager

Rachel heads the Alumni Library Online working group which develops library provision for all Cranfield alumni and in this webinar will tell you all about one of our most valuable resources!

In this webinar you will learn:

The wide range of resources available in the alumni library online.
How to search and access the information you need.  
The answers to frequently asked questions.


10 February 2022: Corporate Social Responsibility in the Age of the Anthropocene - Professor Kevin Morrell

Human activity has resulted in planetary conditions that are significantly different from preceding millenia and that pose an existential threat. 
Across several disciplines, thought leaders refer to this latest geological era as "the Anthropocene".

In this webinar you will learn:

How growing awareness of the Anthropocene is challenging our understanding of sustainable development
The questions being asked of Corporate Social Responsibility in the Anthropocene era
The implications of the age of the anthropocene for purpose driven businesses


28 January 2022: System Design for the Circular Economy - Dr Enes Unal

We need to transform our linear take-make-waste system – thinking about how we manage resources, how we make and use products, and how we can reuse the products or materials after their useful life.

In this webinar you will learn:

What is the circular economy?
Why design as a solution matters. 
The design strategies needed in order to realise a circular economy.