Cranfield Alumni Webinars provide alumni with the opportunity to engage with Cranfield’s activities and expertise through a range of interactive online sessions.

Here you will find links to our recent webinars. You can also catch up on our webinars from 2020 and watch additional recordings in our archive

2 November 2021: Supply Chain or Crisis Management? - Professor Michael Bourlakis, Professor Alan Waller OBE and Professor Richard Wilding OBE

In this online event Professor Michael Bourlakis, Professor Alan Waller OBE and Professor Richard Wilding OBE discuss the issues currently facing supply chain management and share their expertise through a Q&A. 

14 October 2021: Leadership Challenges in the Third Sector - Dr Charmaine Griffiths (Exec MBA 2012)

In this online event Dr Charmaine Griffiths, Chief Executive, The British Heart Foundation discusses some of the leadership challenges associated with working in the third sector.

16 September 2021: Lessons from Covid-19 - Chris Hopson 

Chris Hopson (MBA 1992) is one of this year’s University Honorary Graduates and is the Chief Executive of NHS Providers, the membership organisation for England’s 215 hospital, community, mental health and ambulance trusts. Chris has been one of the UK’s leading media commentators on the covid-19 pandemic and he reflects on the lessons that the UK, and other nations, need to learn from the pandemic.

16 September 2021: What is true influence? - Gordon Glenister 

Influencer marketing is now a $15bn industry and organisations now realise the value of building connections with people of influence (influencers). 

Catch up on this webinar now to find out:

What you need to be more influential.
Practical tips to improve your digital exposure.
The value of storytelling in your communication.

15 September 2021Leadership Lessons from the Battle of Britain - Stephen Carver

In this online event Stephen Carver, Senior Lecturer in Project & Programme Management Action, Execution and Implementation, Cranfield University, in true "Carveresque" storytelling fashion shares with us learn some key lessons from the Battle of Britain.

6 June 2021: Brand strategy - Bruce Mckinnon (MBA 2000)

Every brand needs a point, a sharp definition of its purpose that will stick in people's minds.

Catch up on this webinar now to find out:

What a brand strategy is (and what it isn't)
How it delivers financial value to an organisation
The need to engage the whole organisation in its development and how it can fit into the broader business planning process.

30 April 2021: Senior Leader Apprenticeship online event - Professor David Oglethorpe

Find out how our Cranfield School of Management Level 7 Senior Leader Apprenticeship programmes can help develop the skilled workforce and future leaders that your organisation needs.

26 April 2021: Has Covid-19 changed air cargo (forever)? - Dr Robert Mayer and panel members

The Covid-19 pandemic has had a significant impact on the air transport industry. While passenger numbers plummeted, demand for air cargo was fuelled by the need for PPE (Personal Protective Equipment), vaccine distribution and the increasing importance of online shopping. This created a new dynamic in the air cargo sector, that until the pandemic was heavily dependent on passenger aircraft carrying cargo in the belly hold. 

Dr Robert Mayer, Senior Lecturer in Air Transport Management, Cranfield University and panel members discussed the topic 'Has the Covid-19 pandemic changed air cargo (forever)?'

15 April 2021: Sustainability in business - Professor David Grayson CBE and Dr Rosina Watson

Embedding sustainability in business is now essential for long-term business resilience and success.

Watch the webinar now to find out:

Why embedding sustainability in business is essential for long-term business resilience and success.
The MUST-have partnering competencies.
The practical things that any business, small or large, needs to do.

18 March 2021'Watch this Space' with Stephen Carver

The two richest businessmen on the planet are locked into a battle to exploit one of the fastest-growing industries on planet earth. Interestingly it is one of the least known industries and it’s not actually on the planet but several miles above it – that industry is Space.

Watch the webinar now to find out:

What happens when NASA's leadership is put under stress.
About the importance of communication, collaboration, and learning.
How this sector will impact all our lives - not in the next 10 years time but in the next 10 months.

10 March 2021Equipped to innovate now and into the future - Kate Sutton (MBA 2014)

Kate is an accomplished senior leader with extensive international experience leading innovation and entrepreneurship in the African, UK/European and Pacific regions. She has recently been appointed Head of the Innovation Centre for the UN Development Programme in Bangkok, Thailand.

Watch the webinar now to find out:

The latest innovation thinking around capabilities in business.
The global challenges that are facing us leading up to 2030 and some ideas on how to solve them.
Her post-MBA leadership journey.

23 February 2021Post-Covid new normal in logistics - Professor Richard Wilding OBE

The Covid-19 pandemic has put the nature of global supply chains into sharp relief. Free and open movement of goods and services is a fine principle but one that’s loaded with risk, and that risk is accentuated at every stage when there is reliance on people.

Watch the webinar now to find out:

Why shorter, simpler supply chains with a focus on resilience are key.
About the new models which are structured around near-shoring and smaller, localised operations.
How companies that understand their capabilities and are able to demonstrate flexibility will survive the pandemic in the best shape.

18 January 2021: Post-Covid and post-Brexit challenges - Professor Joe Nellis

We are currently facing unprecedented times whilst we adapt to a post-Covid, post-Brexit new normal.  During this panel discussion, the panel shared Cranfield faculty’s insight into the biggest challenges focusing on the economy, entrepreneurship, human resources, and logistics and the long-term impact of Covid and Brexit. 

Watch the webinar to find out about:

What the 'New Normals' for business, government, and society might be
The impact of Brexit and trade deals on supply chains and entrepreneurship.
The impact of remote working and work-life balance.