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Aerospace, Transport and Manufacturing version

Highlights from this issue:

BladeSense: Early detection of fatigue cracks
As evidenced by several helicopter crashes in recent years the early detection of fatigue cracks can mean the difference between life and death for the helicopter crew and its passengers.

Improving longevity and sustainability in automotive manufacturing
Switching from aluminium to zinc alloys in the production of automotive parts could greatly enhance their longevity and sustainability.

Industry executive reveals impact of COVID-19 on air transport sector
In this current climate, Cranfield-led researchers have assessed the initial impact of COVID-19 on air transport and found that it is likely to lead to a smaller, consolidated sector in the future.

The new Flying Classroom: Update from Professor Graham Braithwaite
Amid all the current international disruption, Professor Graham Braithwaite provides an update on our fundraising campaign for a new Flying Classroom.

Cranfield Defence and Security version

Highlights from this issue:

New game-changing facilities set to provide a vital boost to forensics capabilities
A £3.6 million investment in the latest forensic technology is set to build upon the distinctive strength and expertise of Cranfield Forensic Institute, addressing the nation’s shortfall in forensic science research and development by creating a game-changing ‘centre of excellence’ which will greatly enhance the UK’s forensics capabilities.

CDS academics comment on the impact of COVID-19
From cyber security, international security, and the protection of refugees to the impact the virus could have on terrorism, Cranfield Defence and Security faculty comment on the impact and long-term considerations related to COVID-19.

Exploring the third dimension: the potential of 3D printing in forensic science
What are the applications, benefits, and limitations of 3D printing in forensics? And where does research need to focus to create a recognisable evidence-base, in order for the technique to become a viable method of presenting evidence?

Cranfield School of Management version

Highlights from this issue:

Build back better: six lessons for businesses
The current pandemic is not the only crisis we face. Dr Rosina Watson shares the six lessons businesses can learn from COVID-19 to ‘build back better’ and prepare for the future climate crisis.

Experiences of enforced remote-working during COVID-19
Professor Clare Kelliher and Dr Deirdre Anderson outline the initial findings of a research survey of Cranfield alumni’s experiences of the enforced shift to working from home during COVID-19.

From crisis to opportunity: COVID-19 and the owner-managed business
COVID-19 has impacted SME businesses, but with crisis comes opportunity. Dr Steffi Hussels outlines three key focus areas for SMEs to continue in their role as the engine of the UK’s economic recovery.

Developing women leaders: 30% Club MBA scholarship
The 30% Club, an organisation that campaigns for gender balance on boards and in senior management, has announced a new scholarship for women for the School of Management’s MBA programme.

Water, Energy and Environment version

Highlights from this issue:

Delivering sustainable soil health in tropical plantation agriculture
Building and maintaining soil health is essential to agricultural sustainability, but it can be degraded by deforestation, erosion, and intensive agriculture.

Global warming and targeting Net Zero emissions by 2050
Peer-to-peer (P2P) energy trading is one of the promising approaches to implement decentralised electricity market paradigms.

Realising the Circular Economy through design
The Circular Economy can help us achieve sustainable development through the regeneration of social, environmental and economic capital.

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