School of Management Alumni President

The Role

The President of the School of Management Alumni Network serves as the School’s chief alumni volunteer.  The President is appointed by the Director of School in collaboration with the Director of Alumni Relations and Development, in consultation with the Vice Chancellor and the President of the Cranfield University Alumni Association for an initial three-year, renewable term. 

The School of Management Alumni President is selected based on previous involvement with and support for the School, understanding of alumni relations and development activities and the ability to commit time and expertise in a volunteer capacity.  The School of Management Alumni President will be a senior-level individual who will command the attention and respect of the alumni community and will add credibility to the work of the Office. 

Responsibilities of the Alumni President are to: 

- Represent the views of all alumni as an ex officio member of the School’s International Advisory Board.
- Liaise with the President of the Cranfield University Alumni Association to ensure that School of Management alumni activities are coordinated with broader University activities and that School of Management alumni views are represented to the University Council.
- Provide external support and guidance to the Alumni Relations and Development team as requested on all issues relating to alumni relations and fundraising activity.
- Assist the Alumni Relations and Development Office with activities to increase engagement and support from alumni.
- Assist with other special projects as requested by the Pro Vice Chancellor and Director of School of the Director of Development and Alumni Relations.

Current School of Management Alumni President - Andy Hunter (MBA 1987)

Andy is a long-term volunteer and an active member of the alumni community. He believes that our alumni are our greatest asset, and said: “We have a network of international influence that already benefits alumni, the School and the broader University. But I believe we, as alumni, can do more.

“I plan to use my time as Alumni President to actively engage with alumni from all programmes and decades, both within the UK and around the world, to help the School to continue to develop innovative research and educational programmes and increase the number of programmes so that together we can create the next generation of leaders.”

Current School of Management Alumni Vice Presidents - Julia Barton (MBA 2014) and Vincent Choi (MBA 2011)

When speaking about her connection to Cranfield, Julia said: “My experience at Cranfield has been fundamental to who I am today. Cranfield alumni are pivotal to the foundation of the School, to enhance the current students’ experience, to maintain Cranfield’s close links with business, and even to encourage businesses to hire Cranfield students. On top of this, the strength of the alumni network is posited as one of the top reasons for choosing a business school.”

Vincent said: “My vision is to bring Cranfield alumni closer together, create a new chapter that engages those who, as I do, care deeply about Cranfield and create a brand that makes other alumni want to participate with the community. Engaging students from the moment they graduate will show them the value of Cranfield alumni network and it can also be used to attract both new students and also alumni that may have lost touch.”