School of Management Alumni Awards

The School of Management alumni awards recognise special achievements and contributions of alumni and provide Cranfield with an opportunity to acknowledge and celebrate those who exemplify the values of the School. Alumni awards also allow the School to showcase the impact of Cranfield globally and highlight the accomplishments of individuals who may serve as role models to other alumni, students and potential students.

2021 nominations now closed!

Nominations for the 2021 nominations closed at 12:00 (BST) on Monday 29 June 2020.

Further information and eligibility criteria

Nominees must be alumni of the Cranfield School of Management. Graduates of the School and former participants who have successfully completed non-degree courses such as the Business Growth Programme or General Management Programmes are all considered to be alumni of the School. Members of the selection panel and members of the Alumni Advisory Board will not be eligible for an award whilst serving on the panel or Board.

Nomination Process

The Alumni Relations and Development Office shall seek nominations for each award via the alumni website, e-newsletters, social media sites and through special targeted messages to alumni, faculty, staff and students. The closing date for nominations will be indicated and no nominations will be considered after this time.

  • The nominator must be an alumnus/a, current or former member of Cranfield School of Management staff, current student, member of the School Advisory Board or Honorary Degree recipient.
  • The nominator must complete the appropriate nomination form which will be available online from the Alumni Relations and Development Office.
  • The nominator must provide a statement of no more than 800 words describing the achievements and contributions that make the nominee worthy of the award. These statements should refer directly to the specific criteria for each award.
  • All nominations will be treated as confidential.

Selection Process

For the Distinguished Alumnus Award, the Excellence in Achievement Award and the Alumni Service Award, the Selection Panel will consist of the Director of School, Vice President of Cranfield Alumni and the Director of Alumni Relations and Development. For the Entrepreneur of the Year Award, the Director of the Bettany Centre for Entrepreneurship will also form part of the selection panel. The selection panel will reach agreement on the winners in each of the categories and award recipients will be notified. The Alumni Relations and Development Office will notify all nominators as to whether their nominee has been selected to receive an award. The selection process is confidential and the decisions of the selection panel are final. All unsuccessful nominations can be resubmitted for consideration in future years.

The Distinguished Alumnus/a Award

The Distinguished Alumnus/a Award is the School’s highest honour and recognises those individuals who have achieved significant success within their industry and sector while upholding the highest standards in business practise. In selecting the Distinguished Alumnus/a of the Year, the Selection Panel will consider the following:

  • Sustained professional achievement at the highest levels, preferably extending in to the year of selection. Professional achievement may be viewed in terms of staff and budget management, contribution to company profitability, job creation as well as other factors.
  • Significant impact on their industry and sector, beyond their own role and organisation.
  • International influence/experience working across different geographic regions.
  • Regarded as a role model for leadership.
  • Innovation and creativity.
  • Other awards and recognitions.
  • Contribution to charitable or community organisations/not-for-profit work.

The Entrepreneur Alumnus/a of the Year Award

The Entrepreneur Alumnus/a of the Year Award recognises alumni who have achieved outstanding entrepreneurial success while upholding the highest standards of business practice. This award acknowledges the importance placed on entrepreneurship teaching, research and practise at the School. In selecting the Entrepreneur Alumnus/a of the Year, the Selection Panel will consider the following:

  • Solvency and profitability of company.
  • Sustained high level of business performance over a period of 3-5 years with firm growth and value creation.
  • Ethical conduct/standards of business practise.
  • Profitability of the business model, or in the case of social enterprises, a self-sustaining business practise.
  • Impact on the market and the consumer.
  • Innovation.
  • Contribution to the economy and society, including job creation and exports.
  • International reach/impact.

Excellence in Achievement Award for Recent Graduates

The Excellence in Achievement Award for Recent Graduates recognises those who have made significant progress in their careers within ten years of graduating from the School. This award recognises those who have the potential to reach the highest levels of business success in the future. In selecting recipients of the Excellence in Achievement Award, the Selection Panel will consider the following:

  • Early career impact on sector/industry.
  • Demonstrable achievement beyond individual position and company.
  • International experience and impact.
  • Role model behaviours/ highest standards of business practise.

Alumni Service Award

The Alumni Service Award recognises those individuals who have made an outstanding contribution to the School in a volunteer capacity. The Alumni Service Award acknowledges the vital role that alumni have to play in Cranfield’s continued strength and success in the future. In selecting recipients of the Alumni Service Award, the Selection Panel will consider the following:

  • Level of voluntary service rendered to the School over a sustained period of time.
  • Impact of volunteer activities in terms of increasing alumni engagement, marketing and student recruitment and fundraising.
  • International impact of volunteer activities.

Please join us in celebrating the exceptional achievements of our School of Management alumni: submit your nominations by 12pm (BST) on 29 June 2020.

Previous recipients of the Distinguished Alumnus/Alumna Award include:

Dr Adesola Adeduntan (MBA 2005)
Kester Scrope (MBA 2001)
Zak Hydari (MBA 2004)
Omobola Johnson (DBA 2013)
Grenville Turner (EMBA 1992)
Dominic von Trotha Taylor (MBA 1990)
Mayank Patel (Business Growth and Development Programme 2001)
Tony Rice (EMBA 1990)
Antony Jenkins (MBA 1988)
Warren East (EMBA 1990)
John McFarlane OBE (MBA 1975)
Nigel Doughty (MBA 1984)
Ted Tuppen (MBA 1981)
Ian Odgers (MBA 1966)
Elena Ambrosiadou (MBA 1988)
Robert Wright (MBA 1982)
Andy Harrison (MBA 1983)
Andy Bond (MBA 1993)

Previous recipients of the Entrepreneur Alumnus/Alumna of the Year Award include:

Eyal Ben-Cohen (MBA 2004)
Geeta Sidhu-Robb (Business Growth and Development Programme 2013)
Jamie Waller (Business Growth Programme 2010)
Angus Thirlwell (Business Growth and Development Programme 2000)
Jon Thornes MBE (Business Growth and Development Programme 2006)
Glenn Collinson (MBA 1994)
Tristram Mayhew & Will Galbraith (Business Growth and Development Programme 2006) Jerome Mayhew & Rebecca Mayhew (Business Growth and Development Programme 2010)
Debra Charles (Business Growth and Development Programme 2007)
Richard Salvage (Business Growth and Development Programme 2004)
Harry Clarke (MBA 1992)
Nick Jenkins (MBA 1999)
Lara Morgan (Business Growth and Development Programme 1999)
Lord Karan Bilimoria (Business Growth and Development Programme 1998)
Steve Jolliffe (MBA 1986)

Previous recipients of the Excellence in Achievement Award for Recent Graduates include:

Lucie Basch (MSc Logistics and Supply Chain Management 2014)
Peter Kwok (MSc Finance and Management 2008)
Dr Kim Nilsson and Jason Muller (MBA 2012) 
Haitham Rizk (MBA 2010)
Andrew Darfoor (EMBA 2006)
Paul O’Callaghan (MBA 2011)
Andy Baker (EMBA 2005)

Previous recipients of the Alumni Service Award include:

Christopher Ballnath (MSc Finance and Management 2006)
Andy Hunter (MBA 1987)
The Zurich Alumni Committee
Robert Wright (MBA 1982)
Shanghai Alumni Committee
Paul Zaman (MBA 1988)
Alex Chapman (MBA 1988) and David Thompson (MBA 1969)