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The October issues of our quarterly alumni eNewsletters are now available. Click the links below to read about the latest news, research and thought-leadership from Cranfield University – from the top tips for winter success for business leaders, to the impact of explosives on the environment and memories of a flight in our Flying Laboratory plane.

Aerospace, Transport and Manufacturing eNewsletter

Mission Possible! Can we decarbonise the manufacturing industry?
Climate change is a serious threat to the environment, and it can endanger economic security, and social wellbeing. It is for these reasons, amongst others, that ambitious targets are being implemented - from lowering emissions and greenhouse gases, to reducing waste and energy. However, achieving these targets will need investment, effort and commitment from organisations and governments alike.

Women in aviation
Gender diversity continues to be a hot topic in the aviation industry. We all have a part to play, discover the five activities and actions that aviation and aerospace organisations can take to improve diversity and inclusion.

Take-off for world’s first hydrogen powered commercial aircraft flight
Taxiing down the runway the Piper M-class six-seat aircraft takes to the air. This was the world’s first hydrogen fuel cell powered flight of a commercial-grade aircraft. But what does the future hold?

“Not just planes that fly, time seems to as well…”
Indeed time flies, as do aircraft. We launched the National Flying Laboratory Centre campaign in spring 2019 and we are almost ready for the Saab 340B’s flight home to Cranfield.

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Cranfield Defence and Security eNewsletter

The impact of military explosives in the environment
Military training ranges have often been submitted to long-term exposure to explosives and propellants. How can environmental monitoring and research help ensure that there is no damage to local ecosystems or risk to residents’ health through contamination?

Cranfield University granted a Gold Employer Recognition award by the Ministry of Defence
The Ministry of Defence's Employer Recognition Scheme recognises organisations that pledge, demonstrate or advocate support to the Armed Forces community, and share the values defined in the Armed Forces Covenant.

Gaming for defence and security
At first glance, visitors to the Simulation and Synthetic Environment Laboratory may think we play a lot of computer games. However this technology is available for training, engineering and analysis - all of which are used to support the educational activities in defence modelling and simulation.

Cranfield chemists encourage young people into STEM
Explosives chemists from Cranfield University's Centre for Defence Chemistry have been taking part in an outreach programme called Project Inspiration to support and inspire young people with STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) projects.

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Cranfield School of Management eNewsletter

All ‘work’ and no ‘home’: how to set remote-working boundaries and avoid being at work 24/7

With the shift to remote working during the pandemic, the line between our work and non-work time has become more blurred than ever. Professor Kim Turnbull James sets out the four boundaries to apply to your new working from home set up – and how to tailor them to make them work flexibly for your individual circumstances.

Building resilience: how Covid-19 could change supply chain strategies
Professor Richard Wilding highlights a fundamental change to supply chain strategy – in which resilience may be favoured over cost-efficiency, and outlines the key actions businesses should consider taking.

Getting in shape for the winter: advice for business founders
Where should business founders focus their attention now to adjust to the new normal and turn the Covid-19 crisis into an opportunity to reshape their businesses for the better? Dr Stephanie Hussels discusses.

Latest Cranfield alumni podcast

In the new three-episode miniseries of our Alumni Matters podcast, Margaret Sherer (MBA 2011), Founder and CEO, Cittadina Marketing, discusses her experiences as a solopreneur, her advice to would-be entrepreneurs and the future of the digital marketing industry.

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Water, Energy and Environment eNewsletter

Plans launched for the largest smart city-wide, low carbon energy system in the UK

In July, plans were launched for the Peterborough Integrated Renewals Infrastructure Project, a low carbon, smart energy scheme which aims to reduce carbon emissions and cut energy bills by up to a quarter.

Solving the challenges of emerging organic contaminants in aquatic systems

Emerging organic contaminants in aquatic systems have been connected to various detrimental effects in wildlife. Researchers at Cranfield are seeking to better understand removal technologies and investigate nature-based solutions.

An ecological perspective on COVID-19 and the UK food system

How can we implement the lessons learned from Covid-19 to ensure that our food system is prepared for, and resilient in the face of future challenges such as climate change? Dr Paul Burgess provides an ecological perspective on the UK food system and Covid-19.

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