The Cranfield College of Aeronautics Alumni Association (CCAAA) represents Cranfield alumni involved in the technology and management of aerospace and aviation, to promote wider interest in aerospace and aviation activity in general and Cranfield in particular.

The CCAAA can trace its history back to 1946 when Cranfield was established. Students formed The Cranfield Society and its members have included many famous names, such as John Fozard (Harrier) and Alan Brown (Stealth fighter).

The aims of the Association are to:

  • Promote and maintain effective communication between the members and the College of Aeronautics
  • Provide network opportunities for the members to meet socially and continue business awareness and development through a variety of events
  • Assist with the establishment and growth of national and international associations and liaison with the aerospace and aviation industry and similar associations in institutions of higher education.

The 2019 CCAAA Annual General Meeting took place at Cranfield University on Wednesday 3 July 2019 in which a number of items of business were addressed. The highlights are below:

Election of new president

Professor John Fielding was elected as the Association’s President, replacing John Saull. The Association sends a note of thanks to John Saull for his dedication over the past decade. Professor Fielding has had a long association with Cranfield, having studied here in the late 1960s, going on become Professor of Aircraft Design and Head of Centre. For many years Professor Fielding has been the Chairman of the Association, for which we are thankful, and all involved in the CCAAA look forward to his continued contribution in his new role.

How better to learn about aerodynamics, than by experiencing them in flight?

Aerospace is utterly central to the identity of Cranfield and has been throughout its seventy-year history. Cranfield University is continuing to develop the vision of Cranfield as the global research airport, we have a fantastic range of facilities with the Aerospace Integration Research Centre, the Digital Air Traffic Control Tower, and the Digital Aviation Research Technology Centre which will be open at the end of next year.

The National Flying Laboratory and Classroom is another crucial, unique facility at Cranfield. It gives students who are studying here at Cranfield, the opportunity to fly in a flight test regime. And that experience is one which no other university in the UK, can provide. We provide it not only for our own students but by working with 25 other universities we provide this experience for virtually every aerospace undergraduate from across the UK.

The University currently operates a BAe Jetstream 31 aircraft as its flying classroom, but it is now approaching the end of its useful life. The University has taken the decision to purchase and fit a Saab 340B. This will help Cranfield deliver better training to more students, enhancing Cranfield’s contribution towards developing the aerospace leaders of tomorrow.

Cranfield University has committed a significant amount to purchase the plan and Cranfield’s industry and University partners have committed to support this project with funds. Cranfield are now asking for support from alumni and friends to help them make modifications so that they can continue to provide this great learning experience for students in the future.

Notice of intent to donate £10,000 to 'flying classroom' campaign

It is proposed that the CCAAA makes a one-off donation of £10,000 to the National Flying Laboratory and Classroom campaign. Discussion during the AGM led to the opinion that the donation of this money towards the acquisition of the new aircraft was directly in line with the aims and objectives of the CCAAA.  

If you have any comments about this donation then please email CCAAA Secretary, Jack Stockford by the end of 2019.

Find out more

If you wish to find out more about any items of business discussed at the AGM, you can read the Minutes and the revised constitution. You can also find out more about the Flying Classroom campaign and watch the BBC video.