The end of the year provides a great opportunity to look back over events of the last twelve months. One of the highlights for Rachel Daniels, who looks after the Alumni Library Online, was attending the 2018 Alumni Conference in October.

The theme of the conference was: “Inclusive talent management – towards a new norm”.You can catch up on the highlights and key takeaways here, and if you couldn’t join us in London, Rachel has three simple tips on how you can catch up on the topics discussed by using your free Alumni Library Online service.

Tip One


Read the published research of the key speakers.


Search our university repository CERES for work by Professors Sue Vinnicombe, Kim Turnbull James, and Emma Parry.

Example: A recent report was handed out to attendees at the Conference - Moving on up: a gender perspective on practical inclusive talent management for senior roles


Tip two


Find out more on a particular organisation.


Do some background research on one of the organisations who attended the conference (e.g. Adnams,  Livity, HSBC, Sainsbury's) by doing a search for them on ABI-Inform (one of our big management databases).


You can see regular SWOT and financial analysis reports for Adnams. There is also an interesting paper by Sadie Lofthouse, Head of Human Resources at Adnams on “Developing individuals, developing business” from 2016, published in Human Resource Management International Digest (vol. 24, issue 3).


Tip three


Search for the latest thinking on the theme of "talent management".


Search for the phrase on the Emerald or EBSCO databases.


We searched for talent management in Emerald and found over 3,500 full-text articles! Here are just a few of the full-text research papers available to you:

Dissemination of talent management in Germany: myth, facade or economic necessity?
By Denise Ewerlin , Stefan Süß
Personnel Review, Volume 45, Issue 1, 2016.

The talent paradox: talent management as a mixed blessing
By Dagmar Daubner-Siva, Sierk Ybema, Claartje J. Vinkenburg, Nic Beech
Journal of Organizational Ethnography, Volume 7, Issue 1, 2018.

Exploring talenting: talent management as a collective endeavour
By Jeff Gold, Tony Oldroyd, Ed Chesters, Amanda Booth, Adrian Waugh
European Journal of Training and Development, Volume 40, Issue 7, 2016.

Investigation of talent, talent management, its policies and its impact on working environment
By Sehrish Khan Saddozai, Peng Hui, Umair Akram, Muhammad Saad Khan, Suhail Memon
Chinese Management Studies, Volume 11, Issue 3, 2017.

The practice of talent management: a framework and typology
By Pernilla Bolander, Andreas Werr, Kajsa Apslund
Personnel Review, Volume 46, Issue 8, 2017.

What next?

To see any of these articles, and much more, log on to your alumni portal today and start searching Alumni Library Online.

Further help

If you have any queries about the Alumni Library Online, or would like to send us feedback about any of our resources, please contact us: libraryalumni@cranfield.ac.uk