Do you know where we can find any of the following lost alumni? We are trying to track down alumni that have lost contact with us and we need your help. Some of these alumni have been lost for many years while others have recently lost contact. The School of Management’s alumni body stretches across more than four decades and is renowned for being an enthusiastic and highly supportive network of over 10,000 professional managers in over 115 countries. Recently our network was judged by our alumni to be the most effective in Europe, ahead of our major competitors, and 13th in the world. For any of the alumni listed below, please contact us if you know . Where they live . Email address or phone number . Name of a family member we could contact . Place of work Peter Branston Philip Cadge Amanda Chumas David Dyer Lois Foster Kathryn Gent Salah Habib Paul Haftke Harold Hickling Ania Makowska Gordon Maxwell Raymond Mowll David Noon Caroline Raby Norman Rackham Tuck Soo Patricia Summers Jennifer Van Den Heede Any information or tips you have would be much appreciated! Call Jenny on +44(0)1234 754456 or email cma@cranfield.ac.uk