Next month’s Alumni Conference (20 October) is on the subject of ‘Leading Through Change’. For this month's Alumni Library Online (ALO) update we've chosen some select resources covering this year’s theme. If you're attending the conference, please do come and pay us a visit on the ALO stand - we'd love to meet you!

Changing from the inside out: leading organizational change as an insider. Osentoski, Nicole J. Journal of Positive Management. 2015: 6(3), pp41-66.
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Change Champs and Change Chumps: A Story of Leaders, Burning Ambition, and Alignment. Fuda, Peter., Winn, Bradley A. People & Strategy. Spring 2017: 40(2), pp58-62.

Emerald Engineering and Management Journals
Developing change and leadership capabilities: Linking change management and management development. Strategic Direction. 2004: 20(6), pp. 24-26.
Leaders’ commitment to change and their effectiveness in change – A multilevel investigation. Abrell-Vogel, C., Rowold, J. Journal of Organizational Change Management. October 2014: 27(6), pp900-921.
Change leaders and change managers: different or complementary? Caldwell, R. Leadership & Organization Development Journal. 2003: 24(5), pp. 285-293.

Sage Journals
Leaders and leadership in a climate of uncertainty: a case study of structural change in England. Stephen M Rayner. Educational Management Administration & Leadership. May 2017: pp1–15.
From Leaders to Leadership: Managing Change. Mark J. Ahn, John S.A. Adamson, Daniel Dornbusch. Journal of Leadership & Organizational Studies. May 2004: 10(4), pp112-123.
Leading Change Authentically: How Authentic Leaders Influence Follower Responses to Complex Change. Seyyed Babak Alavi, Carol Gill. Journal of Leadership and Organizational Management. May 2017: 24(2), pp157–171.

Cranfield research
A number of the speakers at this year’s conference are Cranfield staff such as Professor Joe Nellis and Dr Bryan Watters. To keep up with papers that Cranfield staff and students have written, check out the University’s digital repository of its research output – CERES.

Company information
The conference also has speakers from companies such as Unilever. You can do a simple background research on these by doing a company/organisation search in the ABI-Inform and EBSCO databases.

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