This year’s Worldwide Alumni Celebration will take place from 9-18 June.

WAC Week is a great opportunity for alumni to get together in their countries and celebrate being part of the diverse Cranfield network.

This will be the fifth year that we are running WAC and we are looking forward to supporting alumni in running their events and making them as successful and enjoyable as in previous years!

Previous WAC celebrations have included events across 6 different continents, 20 countries and varied scale, from informal drinks, BBQs and dinners to social outings, lectures and debates. We are always delighted to help alumni celebrate having achieved their awards at an institution they feel very proud of.

Let’s make the 2017 WAC our best yet!

Find out more about WAC here, and how to get involved in events in your country, or how to run your own event.

And do visit the event pages of our portal regularly to find details of all the latest events going on. These will also be listed in your mid-monthly Events Bulletin.

We look forward to you taking part!