Next year is a special and exciting year for Cranfield School of Management as we mark our 50th anniversary in 2017.

Exciting plans are already well underway to make 2017 a celebration, to reflect on where we have come from, commemorate where we are now and to look ahead to the next 50 years and beyond. Alumni are of course an integral part of our history and we want you to be at the very centre of the celebrations. There will be numerous opportunities to get involved next year, but before the celebrations begin in earnest we are looking for stories about our alumni, so that we can tell the world all about the unique, vibrant and diverse Cranfield School of Management alumni community.

For the 50th anniversary, there are several types of stories that we are particularly interested in hearing about, so if you have a story that fits one of the following categories, please complete this online form and we will be in touch to discuss further details. If you have a story to tell that isn’t covered here, please also get in touch.

Out of the Cranfield Chrysalis: How Cranfield Changed my Life

We are looking for stories of alumni whose lives were completely changed by Cranfield. A lot of people change their careers as a result of their time at Cranfield and professional transformation is a big part of the Cranfield experience, but did Cranfield transform your life in another way? Did your life radically change after Cranfield. If so, we’d like to know. What was it about the Cranfield environment that brought about the change? Was your change pre-planned or did Cranfield help to fuel it?

The Cranfield Nest

Did you start or extended your family whilst at Cranfield? How old is your son/daughter now? Would you ever advise them to follow in your footsteps and study at Cranfield?

Prospect to Professor

We would like to speak to alumni who have gone on to become academics. Whether it be school teacher, lecturer or professor, we’d like to know whether Cranfield influenced your decision to follow this career path. Were there any Cranfield faculty who inspired you and who you aspire to be like?

Cranfield Families

Is there a history of studying at Cranfield in your family? Did you follow in the footsteps of a relative and what was it about your family member’s experience that prompted you to follow their lead?

Your Cranfield, My Cranfield

Would you be interested in returning to Cranfield to meet a current student, walk around campus, compare experiences and reminisce about your studies? We are looking for alumni from each of the five decades to discuss memories of Cranfield and how Cranfield has changed as part of a series of video recordings.

Cranfield Partnerships

We would like to meet alumni who have gone into business together to discuss whether your business plan emerged directly out of your Cranfield experience and the part that Cranfield played in the formation of your company.

Cranfield Marriages

Did you share your Cranfield experience with the love of your life? Did you meet your spouse at Cranfield or did you come to Cranfield as a married couple? How did you get together? What were the challenges of having a completely shared Cranfield experience?

Cranfield Extremes

Are you an alumnus or alumna who has undertaken an extreme challenge? Are you a world record holder, a mountain climber, a round-the-world sailor or an ultra-marathon runner? If so, where did your inspiration come from? Did Cranfield play any part in your ambitions?

Honoured Alumni

Have you received a special honour, decoration or medal in recognition of your achievements, service, bravery or conduct? If so, we’d be interested to receive a short biography and the story behind your award.

Alumni Pioneers

We are seeking stories from Cranfield’s pioneers. For example, alumni who studied as part of the first cohort of a new programme, first participants from different countries, first female students. How did you learn about Cranfield, why did you choose Cranfield and at the time did you know or feel as though you were breaking new ground?

Female Front-Runners

We would like to hear from female alumni who have made a significant difference and impact on the world. What are your memories of Cranfield and what are your reflections on women as leaders?

Project to Market

Did you undertake a project at Cranfield which turned it into a job, career or a new business. What is the story behind your project? Was it always your plan to develop it into a career or did the realisation gradually come to life.

Far-Flung Alumni

We’d like to hear from alumni who travelled to Cranfield from particularly distant or remote locations. Where did you come from and where you are now? What did it feel like to study at Cranfield and did Cranfield became home for a short while?

If you have a story that fits one of the above categories (or one that doesn’t!), please complete this online form and we will be in touch to discuss further details.

If you have any other memories or stories to share, please drop us an email at alumnicommunications@cranfield.ac.uk. Alternatively visit the ‘Memories Hub’ section of the School’s 50th anniversary website or share your memories via social media using #CranfieldSOM50.