Alumni of Cranfield School of Management qualify for a 50% discount on this webinar co-produced by the INSEAD Alumni Career Service and Sensible Media Ltd..  

Daniel Porot, one of the world's leading experts in the areas of career management and job-hunting,  examines innovative strategies for potential career changers to explore different futures while minimising their risks.

Many people view a change of career - especially a change to a different role or industry – as too difficult and too risky.   In this webinar Daniel Porot, one of the world’s leading career strategists, shows that this need not be the case provided you adapt your job-hunting approach and understand the unique “plus” which career changers can offer new employers.

Those contemplating or attempting to change their career face a cluster of obstacles including:

  • Difficulty in persuading employers your skills will transfer
  • Unfamiliarity with the “way things work” in a new industry
  • Competition from “clone candidates” whose CVs appeal more to employers
  • Lack of a network in the field you are targeting
  • Difficulties managing the stress associated with managing radical changes.

Faced with such hurdles many abandon hope of a genuinely fulfilling career.  This is a mistake.  As Daniel Porot shows, with the right methodology and good “career risk management” it is possible both to plot a course to a new career AND to make a clear-headed decision about whether to make the change.

In this webinar Daniel Porot will explain the career-change methodology that he has developed to allow career changers to:

  1. Get round employer’s fear of taking a risk
  2. Focus on the avenues and employers which actually work for career changers (and avoid frustration with those that don’t)
  3. Take a level-headed “GO / NO GO” career change decision based on your particular situation.

In particular the webinar will cover:

  • How to “validate” possible future roles to make sure they offer a viable and fulfilling future for you
  • How to identify which employers and individuals to target
  • The unique “plus” that career changers offer compared to clone candidates
  • The non-traditional job search methods that work for career change
  • When to enforce a “no return strategy”
  • How to make the GO/NO-GO decision

All registering for the webinar will be asked to fill in an online survey about their career direction and we will draw on participant experiences in the session.  Everyone who registers will be sent a session recording and a Q&A document detailing how particular career change risks can be managed and mitigated. 

What you get

All participants receive:

  • Access to the webinar including a chance to put questions to Daniel live
  • Video recording for download after the event
  • Audio podcast (for Iphone/Android/MP3 player) for download
  • Access to bonus materials resource pack including:
    • Daniel’s 2-page pdf briefing on managing career change risk
    • Q&A on how particular career change risks can be managed and mitigated 
    • Presentation slides
    • Daniel’s illustrations from the webinar.

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