Why a high performing organisation needs more than an engaged workforce

For years now, leaders have been told that the key to a high performing team or organisation is an engaged workforce. This has spawned a mini-industry of employee engagement surveys with sales of ping pong tables, bean bags and beer taps to companies sky rocketing. Academic theory, evidence and logic suggests that, while engaged and happy staff are an important factor in creating the conditions for increased output, it has to be matched by basic business foundations.

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Chris Milliner (MBA 2002) has worked in and consulted into organisations purporting to be high-performing for close to three decades and has witnessed the good, the bad and the ugly in terms of motivating staff. Today he runs a company (Performance Climate Systems Ltd) that helps organisations measure culture, engagement and the impact of leadership on performance. He will summarise his personal views, based on sound theory and evidence, on what really drives performance and the need to provide a balance of transactional (the foundations that enable performance) as well as transformational (elements that sustain performance and allow a team to cope with change) features.

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